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Five Cities in the running to host MWC Basketball Post Season Tournament

The MWC is considering changing the venue from the post season tournament after the 2010 season. There have been complaints about playing in a home teams arena because of home court advantage with the crowds and the familiarity of the courts. Denver was tried but the fan attendance was very, very weak. Vegas is the best location because of the proximity to the schools and that people enjoy Vegas. The Thomas & Mack center is on the list as finalist which will be voted on in June, but in my opinion it would be best to host it in Vegas but reconfigure the MGM because while the crowds would be in favor of Vegas but the court and venue is not where the Rebels practice year round.

Out of these choices Denver is the best choice for being a neutral site, because while Air Force, Wyoming, and Colorado State are within two hours it is not a real home game for any school. Besides that playing in Salt Lake at the Energy Solutions is the second choice for city and venue, because neither school Utah or BYU play there regularly but the location is within 40 minutes of BYU and just down the street from Utah.

The vote is not until June, so stay tuned for that.

The finalist cities named and potential host facilities are:

City, State Facility
Albuquerque, New Mexico The Pit
Denver, Colorado Pepsi Center
Las Vegas, Nevada Thomas & Mack Center
Salt Lake City, Utah Energy Solutions Arena or E Center
San Diego, California Cox Arena