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MWC Basketball Coverage

The hoops season is under way and here at the MWC Connection this site is manned by just me, and last year I had the time to preview every basketball game. However this year I am just too busy to get every game update in time and to provide enough details. In preparation to this I have added a basketball widget page that has the league scoreboard, standings, and each teams news from ESPN. What I will do is to have my Daily RPI postings on the front page as well as the Daily RPI tab. Plus I will have the weekly power rankings, and I will post a weekly schedule and tv listings, if any, for the games.

For certain big games I will try to post detailed previews, post audio and video clips from post games that are made available and press conferences during the week, post season games will have full previews and reviews at the end of the season, as well as writing about any important stories that may arise.