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BYU looking to schedule Oklahoma in 2009 in Dallas

That is correct according to the Salt Lake Tribune BYU and Oklahoma are in discussions to play each other at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium next year. The new stadium holds an estimated 100,000 people in this brand new stadium that is hosting the 2010 NBA All Star game, a Super Bowl, hosting a Texas A&M against Arkansas, as well as possibly Texas against Oklahoma, and being the new home to the Cotton Bowl.

At this time BYU does have an open spot on their schedule, and there have been talks to play Tulane in the Superdome, but nothing is official. Also, according to the article BYU is believed to be one of a number of schools being considered for a game that would be on one of the ESPN family of networks.

This would be huge exposure for BYU even if they play a close game, because next year BYU brings back nearly all of their skill players as does Oklahoma, and the BYU defense would have another year under their belt.

If this game does materialize then BYU will have non conference games with Oklahoma, Florida State, Utah State, and at Arizona State. That is a very good upgrade over the past few years.