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Week 9 Mountain West Football Review


BYU almost lost its second straight conference game almost lost their seventeen game streak which is tied with Boise State for second-longest active home win streak in the FBS and also ties the school record set from 1989-92.

BYU's offense was crisp as normal with quarterback Max Hall throwing four touchdown passes and accumulating 245 yards with no picks. Also, wide receiver Austin Collie had his sixth straight 100 yard receiving game which broke a Mountain West record dating back to 2002. The offense was fine after their lackluster performance against TCU, but the defense is what most people thought it would be.

The defense for BYU gave up 351 passing yards which was a season high, and another 112 on the ground. The BYU secondary is showing their true colors, during most of the game the BYU cornerbacks were playing anywhere from 8 to 15 yards of the line of scrimmage just so that they would not get beat with the deep ball.

Omar Clayton did a nice job of finding Ryan Wolfe and Casey Flair the two combined for 228 of the passing yards and one score. The running game was held under control for BYU but this passing secondary needs work. UNLV did a nice job of responding to scores and making plays. The one big mistake for UNLV was when the Rebels went for a fake punt when down three in the game. UNLV had the ball on their 35 yard line and their was still plenty of time left in the game. The fake punt was an incomplete pass, but UNLV gave it away by not having the punter, who also is the third string quarterback, in the typical length for a punt and that gave the fake away.

BYU managed a field goal, but the game could have ended differently if UNLV just punted the ball. UNLV's defense was nothing specail as they let up 454 yards and allowed BYU to drive down to a game winning possession.

Her is some post game sound in the press conference

BYU Coach Bronco Mendenhall

Matt Bauman


Matt Putnam

Austin Collie


TCU keep their season going strong again by waxing Wyoming and proving everyone that their offense is really good. There was no let down after facing BYU last week and then Wyoming this weekend.

This game was the Andy Dalton to Jimmy Young show as quarterback Dalton threw for 334 yards and four scores, and out of that Jimmy Young accounted for 226 yards and three touchdowns on five catches. TCU did not need their running game to win this game, but give credit to Wyoming's rush defense which is pretty good.

TCU rolled out and wanted revenge over last years embarrassing loss to the Cowboys which they did in this case. Wyoming had its typical two turnovers per game and scored seven points which has been their recent trend.

TCU's dominant win keeps them in discussion for a BCS at large berth and on track to defeat Utah to get the coveted auto matic bid.


San Diego State almost secured their first conference win, behind <!-- begin left column --> <!-- begin player --> <!-- begin playerStatCont --> Davion Mauldin who returned one kick for a touchdown and had an average return of 43 yards and giving the Aztecs good field position throughout the game.

That is not the only reason San Diego State was kept in the game. Quarterback Ryan Lindley was back under center and controlled the game well. <!-- begin left column --> <!-- begin player --> <!-- begin playerStatCont --> Atiyyah Henderson helped out by having his best game of the year by rushing for 177 yards and two touchdowns.

Colorado State which has had a fairly good defense gave up to many big plays on special teams and in the running game. Colorado State on offense had another 100 yard plus game from Gattrell Johnson III he totaled 130 on the ground and another 28 in the recieving yards.

The Rams problem was the defense and special teams, because the special team returns allowed the Aztecs to have a managable field to work with which they did to score points.

The Aztecs are starting to show some life and be competitive against Mountain West teams, but it is too late to make any type of run besides spoiler.