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Week 8 Mountain West Conference Football Power Rankings

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1.#11 (8-0) The Utes finally played a complete game as they destroyed Colorado State last week, and now the Utes have a bye this week.

2. #14 (7-1) TCU had their game of the season while crushing BYU on Thursday, and is in good position at a conference title run.

3.#21 (6-1) BYU was the opposite of TCU by playing their worst game of the year. The Cougars need to mix up their offense instead of being predictable.

4. (5-2) Falcons played a very good game on the road against a solid UNLV team. Air Force showed their grit by coming back from a deficit to win a road game.

5. (4-4) New Mexico dropped 70 on a bad San Diego State team, and had their offense come alive for the first time this year.

6. (3-3) Tough loss against a Air Force, but UNLV has yet to find out how to hold on to wins, and putting away opponents when ahead and all of that comes from experience.

7 (3-3) The Rams were unable to do anything against the Utes and well just looked bad, but the Rams are better then they were this week.

8 (2-5) The off week came at a great time for Wyomingso they can figure out their quarterback situation.

9. (1-6) This team STINKS! The Aztecs have no offense and deffense, and it is time for a new plan which starts for a new coach.