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Week 8 Mountain West Football Review


A great week for the Utes to finally play their most complete game of the year. Utah had nearly everything going for them, starting with quarterback Brian Johnson starting off the game with a dep 32 yard pass that resulted in a Freddie Brown touchdown reception.

Utah had everything going the Utah offense nearly doubled the Rams output 549 yards to 298 and the Utes were able to slow down Gattrell Johnson III by allowing 95 yards, but the Rams had to abandon the running game early in the second half.

Utah just had the best all around game all year, backup quarterback Corbin Louks who comes into spell Brian Johnson and to add a change of pace ran for 109 yards and two touchdowns, one of those was a 69 yard run per game. The rushing attack with 327 rushing yards and saw many different players run the ball to achieve that.

Brian Johnson and the passing game was the best thing to come out of this game as he was 18 for 26 and passed for 185 yards, he only went down field the one play but he was accurate and got rid of the ball quicker then normal to avoid sacks.

The Rams could not get anything done after the mid point of the second quarter when the score was close at 14-10. The Ute defense was able to force one turnover, but brought the pressure to fore quick decisions which ended up as bad plays for the Rams.

This win was Brian Johnson's 21st as a Ute quarterback which ties him for the most Alex Smith who achieved 21st win during the 2004 season. Also, Utah will most likely move up in the polls as Missouri lost badly to Texas who was ranked 11th and no team below should leap the Utes.

Here is post game audio from this game:

Kyle Whittingham

Brian Johnson

Paul Krueger, Corbin Louks, and David Reed

Brent Casteel

Sean Smith


So I guess San Diego State really is that bad this season, and San Diego State was out of the game ever since Lobo cornerback Glover Quin intercepted a pass from freshman quarterback Ryan Lindley on the Aztecs' first possession. San Diego had some hope becuase LInldley was starting for the Aztecs, and that New Mexico is up and down this year in their play.

The Lobos put a beating on the Aztecs and the main source for the victory was the rushing game that accumulated 419 yards, and 259 was done between back Rodney Ferguson and Jame Wright; Ferguson also figured in with four touchdown runs in this game.

The three turnovers and the lack of a running game is what really did in San Diego State on Saturday. San Diego State could get nothing done in this game who keep getting three and outs and leaving the defense in bad positions.

Not much to say in this game, a 70-7 blowout does not need to much breaking down.

29 28

Ryan Harrison made a 19-yard field goal with 2:36 to play to give Air Force a 29-28 victory over UNLV on Saturday night.

This could be one of the best games of the year in the Mountain West. Air Force who was to be rebuilding is now 5-2 and one win away from going back to bowling. This game started with Air Force running away with a 14-0 lead with a long pass by quarterback Tim Jefferson and then a long 52 yard touchdown.

Thwn UNLV made a comeback lead by quarterback Omar Clayton who played very well with 251 yards, two touchdowns and zero picks.

Neither defense did an outstanding job, because the two teams combinded for 912 yards and there were zero turnovers in the game.

UNLV thought to have had momentum at home when they scored 14 straight poits to be up 28 to 20 in the fourth quarter, but the Falcons made plays in the fourth by scoring 9 points to win by one. The first score was set up by Kyle Halderman 44 Yd Pass From Tim Jefferson and then a faile two point conversion put the falcons down two.

UNLV was unable to make plays on either side of the ball during the late stages of the fourth quarter, and then allowed the game winning field goal with 2:36. UNLV was unable to drive down the field for a winning drive.