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BCS Rankings and Bowl Projections

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The day is finally here the official BCS rankings are out and Utah lead the way for the MWC at 11and the leader from the non-automatic qualfiers with Boise State right behind at 12. Also, since the BCS Rankings are out so will be the bowl projections.

The one thing these numbers tell us is that TCU can make the BCS with one loss if they are able to beat Utah in a couple of weeks, and even a possibility to jump an undefeated Boise State team with TCU's strength of schedule. Anothe side note is South Florida is from the Big East and is currently ranked 16th and if they fall below 16 and a team from a non automatic qualifier is not in the top 12 then they just need to be top 16, just something else to look out for.

1. Texas .9979
2. Alabama .9487
3. Penn State .8666
4. Oklahoma .8319
5. USC .7751
6. OK State .7727
7. Georgia .7201
8. Texas Tech .7127
9. Ohio State .7030
10. Florida .6690
11. Utah .6345
12. Boise State .5870
13. LSU .4987
14. TCU .4197
15. Missouri .3682
16. South Florida .3296

These bowl predictions are from CBS Sports, but with my spin on why these MWC will to these bowls.

Allstate Sugar Bowl Florida vs. Utah

The Sugar Bowl gets the SEC champ or first selection if the SEC champ is in the title game, but no matter what they want an SEC team if available.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces BYU vs. Rice

BYU would fall this low because CBS projects Utah to defeat BYU thus moving the Cougars to this bowl and not the Vegas bowl.

Las Vegas Bowl TCU Vs. Arizona

The Vegas bowl gets first selection if a team is not in the BCS and while it is possible for Las Vegas to pick BYU again, but they usually pick the team that performed best in league play which would be TCU, since Utah is going to be in BCS game.

New Mexico Air Force vs. Fresno State

Air Force is here because well not sure, because CBS has New Mexico bowl eligible, and not sure why this bowl would take Air Force instead of their local team.

Poinsetta Bowl New Mexico vs. Nevada

Nevada gets the nod because there will not be enough Pac-10 teams avaliable to fill this spot.

Another bowl for the MWC is a possibility in the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise, ID. The league all ready has a contract for next year, but this year if there is no eligible ACC team then look for Colorado State or UNLV to get that spot.