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USC Leaves Pac-10 to join the Mountain West

As of earlier today the University of Southern Cal has requested and been approved to join the Mountain West Conference mid season. The Trojans will replace San Diego State who moves to the Pac-10 with both schools taking over the others conference schedule. San Diego State seems like the logical move so the Pac-10 can still have a two school presence in southern California.

Southern Cal's Athletic Director Don Winston was quoted as "We feel the move to the Mountain West Conference will allow our athletic programs to compete at the high level we expect here at USC, and we feel the Pac-10 can no longer offer us that anymore."

This move was shocking to those of the Pac-10 who currently have only one football team ranked in #17 Oregon.

Coach Pete Carroll said, " We feel this unusual move to the Mountain Weset will vastly improve our strength of schedule with teams like BYU, Utah, and TCU, and by playing this more difficult schedule we will not take a hit in the computer polls for the BCS if we are able to continue winning games."

With this move of USC going to the Mountain West the Rose Bowl committee does not want to have a subpar conference representing their prestigious bowl, so they quickly enforce a little known clause that allows the Rose Bowl to change their conference representative as long as a team in that conference is in Los Angeles. This gives the Mountain West the automatic bid and face the Big 10 champion in the Rose Bowl.

This move by the Rose Bowl means the Pac-10 no longer qualifies for an automatic BCS birth, and must not follow the provisions of being in the top 12 of the final rankings or be in the top 16 and ahead of any other conference champion from the automatic qualifier leagues.

A person can dream right?