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Week 2 Mountain West Football Power Rankings

1. (2-0) BYU fans this is not because of that call that moved back the extra point. Utah should have been number one last week after beating a better opponent. Utah is here because of the dominate second half performance against UNLV.

2. (2-0) Their defense could come back to haunt the Cougars once they play a team with a pulse, and next weeks UCLA game will be huge especially with offensive mastermind Norm Chow returning to Provo.

3.(2-0) TCU looks to be a legit contender and they have a great defense to support their emerging offense. That Oklahoma game in week four will be a huge test.

4. (2-0) The Falcons are making look bad from my preseason predictions. This Air Force team looks to run the ball down the opponents face, and use everyone to rush the ball which has been very effective this year.

5. (0-2) The Lobos have no wins, but they are the best team that did not win this weekend, but are endagered of starting the season 0-4 with games against Arizona and Tulsa. The passing game is what is hurting the Lobos so far this year.

6. (1-1) UNLV looks to be improved with a balanced offensive attack with Frank Summers at running back and Casey Flair and Ryan Wolfe at wide receivers. The defense needs to be better for UNLV to have successful season.

7. (1-1) Wyoming is a perplexed team that is always hard to understand. They always seem to have games where one aspect is not good. They may have a good rush defense one week and the next be terrible, as in this year. Or in week one Dax Crum plays well at quarterback, and then game two he is replaced by last years starter Karsten Sweed. The Pokes are just inconsistent.

8. (1-1) The Rams so far are having problems in the running game that should be much better then what it is, and they need to find a way to finish in the redzone. Quarterback Billy Farris improved from game one to game two and found a new favorite target in Rashaun Greer.

9. (0-2) Close does not count in football and San Diego State always seems to be close. Again, their brigh spot looks to be new Quarterback Ryan Lindley, but the defense needs to be able to make a stop once in awhile.