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Was the right call made?

There is a buzz about the BYU slim victory over a medicore Washington Husky team. I will not get into the game and review it here that will come tomorrow in the full preview of week one, but the only thing I will say is that BYU's defense is not good at all in the passing game.

In the Bleachers posted what the new rule is for excessive celebration which is:

After a score or any other play; the player in possession immediately must return the ball to the official or leave it near the dead ball spot.

Locker did toss the ball up pretty high after he scored, and technically the ball was not handed to a ref or was it placed near the play, but his intent was not to rub it into BYU. The best place written about this call is ESPN's Pac-10 blogger Ted Miller.

The Spirit of that rule was completely betrayed by the call. And, oh by the way, smart officials have been ignoring it these first two weekends

Totally agree with Miller it was a celebration that was not intended to show up BYU, and yeah the kick was blocked and that technically was the reason did not go into over time. However, the distance moved the ball back from a near chip shot to a more difficult extra point that was now a 32 yarder, plus the influx in emmotions of a great score and now the low of a penalty.

Other things I have been hearing is from the Salt Lake Tribune Blogger Jay Drew who's quotes are quite humorous, and very pro BYU for a journalist who is supposed to cover the Cougars. A side tangent is that the Utah media is very soft and would ratther be buddy-buddy with the coaches and players then ask legit questions. Just look back at when the BYU freshman receiver, I forget his name, who was complaining about being so low on the depth chart and when local radio was asking him about it Bronco and other BYU coaches were getting very upsed and defensive about talking to him. Sorry about that, but here is Drew's quote.

...A nnouncers on the highlight shows are saying the ruling kept the game from going into overtime. Well, not exactly. The blocked PAT -- regardless of the length -- kept the game from going into overtime. I'm not sure the kick would have made it from the normal extra-point length.

Are you serious, Jay! Hate to be reptitive, but the extra point to tie the game at normal length was tough enough with two seconds, but toss in the extra 15 yards and the highs and lows of a good touchdown run by Jake Locker and then a penalty.

Congrats to BYU for getting the win and making the clutch block by Jan Jorgense, but COME ON the penalty takes the fun out of the game.