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The Mountain West Sports Network Makes Announcement for Additional Coverage

Kim Carver who is the vice president and general manager of the MountainWest Sports Network brings an announcement of more agreements that increase the viewing area of the Mountain West Sports Network. Two more cable operators are picked up The Mtn. as well as expanding coverage under DirecTv's Choice package.

Affiliate Location Level of Service
Orbitel Communications Maricopa, AZ Digital Connect
Prime Time Communications Elizabeth, CO
Henderson, NV
St. George, UT
Digital Basic

Additional DIRECTV CHOICETM package availability now includes:

  • Albuquerque-Santa Fe DMA in the state of Arizona
  • Cheyenne-Scotts Bluff DMA in the state of Nebraska
  • Denver DMA in the states of Nebraska and South Dakota
  • Rapid City DMA in the states of Montana, Nebraska, and South Dakota
  • Salt Lake City DMA in the state of Idaho

The Mtn. will also be carried on select DIRECTV MasTM (Spanish-language programming package) and MDU packages (multiple dwelling unit), available to residents of apartment complexes. Customers throughout the remainder of the county will be able to access The Mtn. with a subscription to DIRECTV's SPORTS PACK.

Good news that the league is slowly but surely increasing their foot print, but Dish Network is a must to keep increasing coverage of the league and to get other cable providers to pick up the channel. The best way is to get teams to win to get national attention.