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Previewing Colorado State's Opponents: California

Last year the Cal Golden Bears came to Fort Collins, and believe or not the Rams actually were giving Cal all they could handle. The loss to tight end Kory Sperry in the first half really hurt the Rams chances in this game. This year the game is at Berkley and should provide the . Cal did lose return specialist and receiver star to the NFL and Cal needs to fill that hole, as well as their top rushing, and reciever as well, plus toss in that a starging quarterback has been named and will be between Nate Longshore and Kevin Riley.

Offense: With the lose of their top running back, wideout, kick returner, and in decision at the QB one could see that Cal would not be that good this year. Being in the Pac-10 conference Cal should just plug in new players and be competitive, and should be fin against a Colorado State team trying to get back up into the national scene as they were only a few years ago. The big question is who wil be QB Nate Longshore and Kevin Riley. Last year Longshore played the majority of the snaps and had 2,580 yards, 16 touchdowns, 13 interceptions, and only completed 59 percent of his passes. Two reason why Longshore is not going to start is that his production dropped sharply after his Sophomore year where he had 500 more yards, and eight more touchdowns, and that he tore his pectoral muscle during sprin and was limited. The decision is not expected until a fall camp begins in about one month, and if it is decided then there are a few games from once the season starts to this game, so the starter could even change by then. As for running back Cal's top returning rushers are Jahvid Best and James Montgomery who each had 3 scores and combined for 400 yards. Those two should be the primary backs and will most likely split time until one breaks away, Jahivd Best did average 7.6 per carry that is not a likely average to look forward to but a stat to watch. The most glaring position to replace is DeShaun Jackson who was a huge playmaker at receiver and also as a return man. The wideout position will be very green with the top returning receiver is not even a wide out, but rather is Tight End Cameron Morrah who had only thirteen receptions last year. This position will need someone to step up to lead this team at the wide out position.

Defense: We all know that in the Pac-10 defense is optional, and that seems to be the way that the Golden Bears did last year and there is no reason for that to change. The Rams on the other hand could put a hurt on Cal with their running back duo of Gatrell Johnson III and Kyle Bell, then toss in Tight End Kory Sperry and this group should be able to put up some points. Last year in this matchup Cal created turnovers that lead to the victory last season. They do return seven starters on defense and to take advantage of their depth at linebackers it seems that Cal looks to be switching a variation of the 3-4. That information was kept under wraps from the local media, but look for some type of defense that will take advantage of their linebaking corps.

Early Prediction: Even though Cal lost nearly all of its offense from last year, but by the time this game comes aound they should have an identity. Colorado State should be improved over last year, but traveling to Cal will be too much and Cal should win by 14 points or more.