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Colorado State Preview from CFN

We will see how this team goes into year one with coach Steve Fairchild. Fairchild knows the history since he was a coach during the Rams stretch of 4 straight years of 10 wins. In my opinion the Rams have the ability to do what Air Force did last year, by surprising the league and going to the Texas Bowl. Rams have the talent at RB and TE, but need to replace QB Caleb Hanine who has moved on. Here is the pro's view on the Rams below

Sonny Lubick made Colorado State into a non-BCS powerhouse, but things fell flat over the last four years. The team tried hard, there was the want-to to win, but things didn't click on either side of the ball. Basically, it was time for a change.

In comes Steve Fairchild to blow up everything and basically start from scratch. At least that was the theory when he came in.

All new coaching staffs want to change things around and perk up a floundering team and a struggling program, but in the end, Fairchild is going to take what Lubick wanted to do over the last few seasons and try to make it work.

There isn't going to be anything finesse or quirky about what the Rams will want to do; they're going to try to hit teams in the mouth, line back up, and hit them again. They're going to try to power run the ball, stop the run, and be far more physical than they've been in years. While that's easy to do in theory, it's going to take plenty of work to actually make it happen. Luckily for Fairchild, he has some serious power players in place.

231-pound senior RB Kyle Bell appears to be finally back to his old self after the knee injury that set him back two years ago. Couple Bell with 227-pound Gartrell Johnson, and a huge line to run behind, and the offense is going to be about banging it on the ground.

Fairchild isn't going to let his run defense finish 107th in the nation again, and he's going to try to make sure there's better line play, more toughness, and more production. Now the question will be how.

Sometimes some new blood is needed to change things up, and Fairchild has brought in a new attitude and some new ideas, mixed them in with the old, and the results should be strong. Colorado State should be back on the right track.

What to watch for on offense: The ground game. Everyone talked about running the ball over the last few seasons, but this group should actually do it. With Bell back to being Bell and Johnson, last year's leading rusher, certain to be even more effective now that he doesn't have to do everything, the Rams should be powerful on the ground.

What to watch for on defense: Far more of an attitude from the run defense. Now the pieces are back in place with safeties Mike Pagnotta, who was limited for a stretch with an ankle problem, and Klint Kubiak, back after a serious ulcer cost him almost all of last year, healthy and patrolling the secondary again. While the hope is for the front seven to handle their duties against the run, the secondary will now do more to make big plays.

The team will be far better if … the lines show up. The Rams were 105th in the nation in sacks allowed and 103rd in tackles for loss. Basically, the production from both lines have to improve by leaps and bounds, and it should. The offensive line will get to use its strength, it's girth, to be able to pound away for the running game. The defensive line has good size and needs to be stronger against the run, but it's biggest issue will be making big plays.