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Phile Steele's All-Conference Team for the MWC

In another effort to make this the easiest place to find MWC news I have added the preseason All Conference teams from Phil Steele , below.

Steele goes 4 teams deep, a bit much but still a good read. Utah leads the way with ten first team selections, followed by BYU with seven, and TCU with five. This list pretty much expects who should be on the top of the league when the year ends between BYU, Utah, and on the outside TCU which is pretty accurate. One interesting add to the list is Utah wide receiver Aiona Key who is on the third team list and the only JUCO player on all four teams. That could be the reason that there are only two great quarterbacks in the league with Max Hall from BYU and Utah's Brian Johnson. Also on Phil Steele's All-American list, he includes Utah's Louie Sakoda on the second team as a punter and then includes BYU's offensive tackle Dallas Reynolds on the fourth team.