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All-American QB transfers to BYU

QB Riley Nelson, who attended Utah State in 2006 and who is currently on a LDS church mission in Spain, announced over the Memorial day by email to his father, who announced the decision, that he plans on attending BYU when he returns in March 2009. Multiple sources have confirmed the transferred in the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune. Riley attended high school at Logan High which is located near Utah State, and was a Parade High School All-American in 2005 and earned the starting job midway through 2006 and was the first QB at Utah State to win his first career start since 1992. Nelson's stats were modest on a poor Utah State team with rushed for 277 yards, second-most on the team, and threw for 874 yards and six touchdowns and 6 interceptions.

There has been no official reason for the transfer, which according to Riley's father should come in about a week. Well the rich get richer with BYU, and the timing is pretty nice for the Cougs because Nelson will be back when current Quarterback Max Hall has completed his playing status and should challenge for the starting job. Also, Riley Nelson has not used his redshirt since he played half the season at Utah State, and probably is not going to use that at BYU unless there is an injury.

Also I will get audio posted later once it becomes available from the various stations his father was on this morning.