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Way too early Bowl Projections

Here is a list from CFN about the early look at the 2008-2009 bowl season, and the real surprise is that they have Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl which is for the conference winner, and no BYU fans they do not have the Cougs in a BCS game. That means they project Utah to win the league, which is far reaching and not far reaching. BYU has won 18 straight conference games while going undefeated the past two year, but Utah has its best team since 2004 (but not even that close) with returning nearly every player, Utah should at worst finish second this year and could challenge BYU.

Again these bowl matchups are poor and disappointing the league really needs to try to get into the Sun Bowl in El Paso or the Bowl in Phoenix and those would still be in the region, plus get better matchups.

Poinsettia bowl

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl
Dec. 23 / 8 p.m. ET San Diego, Calif. ESPN
Tie-Ins: Mountain West vs. Pac 10
Way Too Early Projection: New Mexico vs. Arizona
Top 5 Others Considered:
1) Nevada, 2) Oregon State, 3) UCLA, 4) Louisiana Tech, 5) New Mexico State

las vegas bowl

Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl
Dec. 20 / 8 p.m. ET Las Vegas, Nev. ESPN
Tie-Ins: Mountain West No. 1 vs. Pac-10 No. 4
Way Too Early Projection: Utah vs. California
Top 5 Others Considered:
1) BYU, 2) TCU, 3) UCLA, 4) Arizona State, 5) Oregon

new mexico bowl

New Mexico Bowl
TBA Albuquerque, N.M. ESPN
Tie-Ins: Mountain West vs. WAC
Way Too Early Projection: BYU vs. New Mexico State
Top 5 Others Considered:
1) Utah, 2) TCU, 3) Nevada, 4) Boise State, 5) Fresno State

new mexico bowl

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl
Dec. 31 / 12 p.m. ET Fort Worth, Texas ESPN
Tie-Ins: Mountain West vs. Conference USA
Way Too Early Projection: TCU vs. Southern Miss
Top 5 Others Considered:
1) New Mexico, 2) Utah, 3) Tulsa, 4) UCF, 5) East Carolina