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Trent Plaisted hires agent not returning to BYU


BYU Junior Trent Plaisted has hired an agent which means he will not be able to return to BYU as a Senior, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. Plaisted signed with Mark Bartelstein and Priority Sports and Plaisted has been working out in California for the past few weeks.

This decision is mind boggling because every mock draft I have been looking at and Trent Plaisted has a wide range of where he will be drafted, ranging from a mid 20's selection from's Chad Ford, to being undrafted. As of now it looks like Plaisted has been receiving bad or misleading info, because in the NBA unless you are a first round draftee then your contract is not guaranteed.

Without an agent he could have gone through the whole draft process and return if he is not drafted could return for his Senior. Again with the great class of this years Freshman and big man compared to the 2009 class in my opinion it would have best served Plaisteds interest to stay for his Senior year.