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NFL Draft Recap for the MWC Part 1


Here is where all the players who got drafted from the MWC next post will be the free agent signings.

O'Connell, Kevin QB 6'5" 225 San Diego State Pick 31, Round 3(94) New England Patriots

Kevin O'Connell was the first pick from the league and quite a surprise to go so high. O'Connell came on like gangbusters in his senior season at San Diego State even though his team was not great he has good potential in the league. The Patriots have struggled to develop a quarterback behind Tom Brady, but O'Connell will have time to develop and could become the backup.

Bell, Beau OLB 6'2" 248 UNLV Pick 5, Round 4(104) Cleveland Browns

This was a huge surprise and a great value for the Browns. Bell is a big linebacker out of UNLV he has had some medical issues, but is a bulky player inside. He had 323 tackles in college and an impressive 10.5 sacks, which is a lot for an inside linebacker. He alienated some scouts by deciding not to run at his first workout, but he has the talent to develop under Andra Davis. Bell has the chance to contribute right away and possible start at some point during the season.

Kehl, Bryan OLB 6'2" 242 BYU Pick 24, Round 4(123) New York Giants

Kehl played as a freshman and went on to become a four-year starter at BYU. He is a playmaking linebacker with great speed and productivity. He is versatile and can play inside or outside and on special teams. He may never be a starter, but he has the ability to make plays and should be a solid backup for years.

Smith, Marcus WR 6'2" 221 New Mexico Pick 7, Round 4(106) Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens get a young target for their first-round pick Joe Flacco. Smith is a good route-runner, but there are some questions about his ability to separate from defenders. He caught 153 balls for 2,073 yards at New Mexico. Should contribute some in 2008 with the lack of WR's on the Ravens roster.

Swain, Brett WR 6'0" 200 San Diego State Pick 10, Round 7(217) Green Bay Packers

Swain has decent speed and size, but he's not particularly outstanding in any particular area but is consistent in all areaa. But he does have a chance to make the roster to help created depth at the receiver position. The Packers have had success in taking receivers late in the draft with players such as Donald Driver and Ruvell Martin.

Schilens, Chaz WR 6'4" 208 San Diego State Pick 19, Round 7(226) Oakland Raiders

Schilens excites people because of his exceptional size and speed. Due to his pure athleticism, he will have a chance to make the roster. He still needs some polish as a receiver especially in his route running.

Stay tuned for part which is about the free agent signings.