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MWC 2008 NFL Draft Prospects


Today is the day for the NFL Draft and today I will take a look at where and who might be drafted today or tomorrow. The lists below are all the players who are eligible to be drafted, I am assuming 10 players might be drafted this weekend with many more getting signed after the draft, and try outs during teams rookie camps.g

Players that should be drafted and where will be listed ahead of all of the prospects, and the picks are from Sporting News.

OLB/ILB Beau Bell (UNLV) Projected to Atlanta 37th Pick
Bell is a tackling machine, always looking to punish ballcarriers. He shows an internal rage that is infectious. He is an ideal NFL middle linebacker. Bell is not a perfect prospect, but his size, strength, speed, toughness and competitiveness could make him a first-round pick.

OLB/ILB Ezra Butler (UNLV) Projected to Indianapolis 59th Pick
The Colts need depth at defensive end. Geathers is a natural pass rusher and great competitor who can contribute right away.

QB Kevin O'Connell (San Diego State) Projected to New York Jets 102nd Pick

O'Connell looks the part of a good starting NFL quarterback with his frame, arm, athleticism and smarts, but to get there he needs to put in much work on fundamentals. He would benefit greatly from a team with a coach patient enough to work on his footwork, stride and follow-through. The good thing is that he has the mental side of the game down, so with some development of his physical skills, he is a worthy Day 2 project who has a chance to start down the line.

DE Tommy Blake (TCU) Projected to Denver 148th Pick

Blake was an elite end for TCU in '06 and showed the athleticism to possibly play linebacker in a 3-4. He was a surefire top-five overall pick before this season, but his struggles on and off the field in '07 will keep him from being selected anywhere near that high. If he straightens himself out, Blake has Dwight Freeney-like potential. However, there are red flags -- a la Dimitrius Underwood -- that he likely will slip into the fifth round.

OG Devin Clark (New Mexico) Project to Miami 204th Pick

Clark must move to guard and improve significantly as a run blocker to make an NFL roster, in addition to getting bigger and stronger. Clark might need a few years but should eventually become a quality backup with the potential to turn into a starter.

S David Roach (TCU) Projected to Chicago 222nd PIck

Roach is a talented enough athlete to make it in the NFL, but if he does not improve his fundamentals and consistency, he will not last long enough to take advantage of his physical tools. He probably will be drafted higher than his rating because of his combination of size and workout speed, but his inconsistent tackling and lacking explosive closing burst are big concern. He would be best suited to go to a team with veteran safeties so he can develop his game, but Roach's upside still might be limited to a backup.

OLB Bryan Kehl Projected to Cincinnati 244th Pick

Kehl is not a flashy linebacker who grabs attention with speed and explosiveness, but he is strong and shows plenty of heart, hustle and smarts. Kehl could go undrafted, but he should make an NFL team as a hardworking backup.

Air Force Prospects

Drew Fowler ILB 6'" 234
Robert Giannini S 6'" 207

BYU Prospects

Sete Aulai OC 6'" 303
Quinn Gooch S 6'" 199
Bryan Kehl OLB 6'" 242
Kelly Poppinga OLB 6'" 236

Colorado State Prospects

Nick Allotta OC 6'" 303
Caleb Hanie QB 6'" 231
Jimmie Kaylor PT 6'" 199
Damon Morton WR 5'" 177
Jason Nading DE 6'" 254
Johnny Walker WR 5'" 191

UNLV Prospects

Sergio Aguayo PK 6'" 216
Beau Bell ILB 6'" 239
Jeremy Geathers DE 6'" 256

New Mexico Prospects

Travis Brown WR 6'" 202
Devin Clark OG 6'" 305
Anthony Kilby OG 6'" 328
Marcus Smith WR 6'" 221

San Diego State Prospects

Brandyn Dombrowski OG 6'" 336
Lynell Hamilton RB 6'" 228
Kevin O Connell QB 6'" 225
Nick Osborn DE 6'" 258
Will Robinson OT 6'" 297
Tyler Schmitt LS 6'" 231
Brett Swain WR 6'" 198

TCU Prospects

Tommy Blake DE 6'" 281
Brian Bonner S 5'" 196
Matty Lindner OG 6'" 294
Chase Ortiz DE 6'" 249
David Roach S 6'" 210

Utah Prospects

Jason Boone OT 6'" 297
Joe Jiannoni ILB 6'" 233
Steven Tate S 5'" 195

Wyoming Prospects

Roy Betschart FB 6'" 245
Michael Ford WR 6'" 204
Michael Medina CB 5'" 190