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Lee Cummard Declares for Draft


Lee Cummard is the second player from BYU has declared for the NBA Draft, by following the decision Trent Plaiasted made last month. Cummard was the Co-Mountain West Player of the year and was honorable mention All-American. Cummard did not sign an agent so he still has the option to return for his Senior season. This scenario seems like Cummard is just testing the waters to see how he goes and unless he is a first round pick, something I doubt, he will be back with Plaisted for his senior year. Cummard would be better suited to come out next year because next years NBA Draft class does not look as strong as this years, plus BYU should be the team to beat again and a run in the NCAA tournament, another player of the year award, and being named to the All American team again could propel Cummard into a higher category and a better draft pick.