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Where's the coverage?


Here we go again, me complaining about the TV coverage the conference gets. First of all everyone knows football and basketball lead the pack in revenue and coverage. My main query is the coverage of spring football, now before I get into that I was going to slam the channel for not having coverage of Spring Football. Well, I was half right checking out the website the Mtn. does have a few episodes dedicated to each team for spring football which is great.

My main objection is how come the spring games ...err glorified scrimmages not broadcast on The Mtn. Not sure if cost is an issue to send a crew, camera man, producers, techs, and so on. This would make sense and would be another live event that the channel could show, and we all know this time of year live events are hard to come by. Plus the league could have these events replayed just as they do for other events. ESPN's Game Day was at University of Florida for their spring game and ESPN broadcast the game as well. Also, other games were shown on ESPNU as well as Comcast Regional Sports broadcast spring games. The Big 10 Network did show the games streaming online, but again they were at least shown.

This not like the games should be on Versus or CBS College Sports, but the channel needs original programming and programming that will be popular in replays. The league and/or channel dropped the ball on this one. People watch the NFL combine on the NFL network and ESPNU shows spring practices as well as some games. The point is that football is very popular, and showing spring games would give the league a chance to get fans excited about their teams, promote the upcoming league schedule, and the big one to let viewers know that the channel is now available on DirecTv.

Some day the league might get this TV thing to the level where it needs to be.