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Spring Roundup: TCU Football

Coach Gary Patterson needs to find his touch he has had on the program with consistent 10 win seasons. This spring will be a major overhaul of the team, because the Horned Frogs lose Chase Ortiz and Tommy Blake on the defensive side of the ball. Besides the defense needing to be helped with these two players leaving, the secondary was suspect at best and that will also need to be addressed this spring. The offense will also need to find a QB and it will still be between last years players sophomore Andy Dalton and Junior Marcus Jackson. The only good thing going for the Horned Frogs on offense is RB stud on Aaron Brown who needs some assistance on the offense. The Horned Frogs took a dip last year and that has a good chance of happening again next season. They just need to re-establish their defense that has been the strength of their team and find some type of offense so TCU can get back to the top of the league.

8-30-08 at New Mexico
9-13-08 STANFORD
9-20-08 at SMU
9-27-08 at Oklahoma
10-11-08 at Colorado State
10-16-08 BRIGHAM YOUNG (Thur.)
10-25-08 WYOMING
11-1-08 at UNLV
11-6-08 at Utah (Thur.)
11-22-08 AIR FORCE