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Trent Plaisted Declares

That is not a typo BYU Junior Center is declaring for the NBA Draft, but he did not hire an agent so that gives him the option to return for his Senior year. What a mistake this is, Plaisted who is an above average center and can dominate smaller players by muscling his way is not ready for the league. He did get better this year then last year when going up against true centers, but with crop of excellent freshman from Kevin Love, Michael Beasley, OJ Mayo, and others most likely coming out that would push Plaisted down on the draft board. Another year would do him good for one he would just get better as a player plus next years freshman class and draft class should not be as good as this years, so it would make sense for him to return. The only way he should stay in the draft if he is a sure fire first round pick, because those contracts are guaranteed and second round choices are not.

Here are two interviews from Plaisted talking about his decision