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Refs better step it up

Again the refs blow a call. The refs are clearly on the spotlight starting today with the NCAA Tournament starting. There have been questionable and downright terrible calls in the past month. Again in last nights NIT game with New Mexico at Cal (and do not get me started on how Cal got a home game at 17-16) with the game tied and Cal goes for a drive and a clean block by JR Giddens but a foul is called not on Giddens but the guy on the floor next to him who slid in front of the offensive player but made no contact!!

Other plays range from from Stanford v. UCLA with the supposed foul when Stanford made a clean block and then UCLA again when the ball went over the backboard for a bucket which is clearly illegal and in the NCAA rule book that any ball that goes over the top of the backboard is out of bounds, and the ball went over the corner but last time I checked the corner still includes the top so the ref made a 'judgment' call. Then locally in the MWC UNLV got the home reffing the conference tournament starting with the awful foul on TCU when the Rebels went for a layup to tie the game where there was no contact but AMAZING there was a foul on a player who had his hands straight up and did not leave the floor. Also there was again in the tourney when UNLV was receiving various close calls against Utah in the semis. Then there was one other one where Georgetown was on team and I think the other was Villanova where there was a foul 80 feet from the hoop that allowed Georgetown to take free throws to win.

I know reffing is tough and they are not perfect and with dozens of games and refs make mistakes, but these high profile games need to have the best official crews and at least not make large errors on calls.