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MWC Basketball Finals Preview

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Not a surprise here that these teams are here in the finals of the MWC. BYU has had little trouble defeating Colorado State and just a little bit more with San Diego State, well until the second half. UNLV has been getting some home cooking by the refs starting by that phantom foul against TCU and then those questionable out of bounds plays against Utah. The Rebels did win and the finals should be a good game. These two teams are interesting because when the first game was played at the Thomas and Mack Center UNLV won by 29, but when the game was at BYU it was essentially the reverse with the Cougars winning by 26. This game should be rocking and I feel the game is a bit more important for UNLV because this game being at home a loss is more damaging to their seeding. BYU needs to get their outside shooting going more then they did against San Diego State, because their first half performance and part of the second half is part of the reason the Aztecsth kept it close. If BYU is to win this game they would be the first double winner since SDSU a few years back when, but this game seems to favor UNLV just because it is a home game and looking back at that first game and that lopsided result. This game should be different because of the tournament setting, and in this game BYU will have a lot more fans present then that regular season game so that will be helpful for some momentum if needed. I want to give this game to BYU because of Lee Cummard and Trent Plaisted and there ways of able to dominate the game and their out side shooting. On the hand for UNLV, and this is besides the home court, and that is Wink Adams who started the year slow but as of late he has upped his scoring average to 16.4 and he is the key for the Rebels to win.