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Bubble Watch

With Utah's defeat of New Mexico yesterday that all but eliminated the Lobos from at large consideration. With 9 bubble teams losing: Arizona, Arizona State, UMass, Oregon, Villanova, Florida, Maryland, Mississippi, and UAB. With half of those losing in a horrendous fashion New Mexico could have slipped in by just beating the Utes. It looks like now VCU, Illinois State, Saint Mary's, and South Alabama look a lot safer for not winning the conference tournaments last week. UNLV should be safe after these loses of on the bubble teams, but to be safe it would best to make it to the finals. The reason is because a loss on their home court to an inferior Utah team could squeeze the Rebels out. It looks safe the conference will get two teams in, and unless a run by Utah or San Diego State to win the title a shot at 3 teams is a long shot this year.