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MWC Tournament Play in Game

Before I get into the play in game, upsets with San Diego beating Gonzaga in the WCC final and South Alabama losing in the Sun Belt semis may mean that the MWC's entries might be down to 2, because Gonzaga is a lock and South Alabama is on the good side of the bubble.

Thomas & Mack Center 11AM PT TV: NONE

So, the conference that has its own TV network is not showing every conference tournament game? Taking a quick look at what the channel is showing at 11am pacific time is the Dave Rose coaches show. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! This is a joke, this game should be on The Mtn. but I guess it comes down to that equal coverage crap. Essentially this winner gets another night in the warmth and fun of Vegas. Both players have all conference players in Marcus Walker for CSU and Brandon Ewing for Wyoming. The Cowboys defeated the Rams both times this year, and there is not too much to break down here. The Cowboys have a solid back court in Brandon Ewing and Brad Jones who should easily defeat the Rams and get the chance to play BYU Thursday.