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03/05/2008 MWC Basketball Preview

(14-13) (14-13)

Clune Arena 7PM MT TV: NONE

This game is not important in the grand scheme of the conference race, but seeding is on the line here. The teams seeding could range from 5th to 7th which includes Utah, who is current one up on these teams in the win column. So, essentially the loser will be teh 7th seed and the winner as high as 5. This game being in Clune Arena at the Academy makes this a much better chance for Air Force to win this game. Air Force should take this game and move up in the seedings, and since Utah has won the season series Air Force most likely will be 6th.

(12-16) (23-6)
The Marriott Center 8PM MT TV: The Mtn.
Not much going on in this game except that BYU can clinch the regular season outright conference title and most likely a golden ticket to the NCAA tournament. BYU shoulb take care of business and win these quite easily and extended the nations longest winning streak to 47 games.