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03/04/2008 MWC Basketball Preview


John M. Hunstman Center 7PM MT TV:

This is the last home game for the Utes this year, and the CSU game could not come at a better time for this struggling team. This is a must win if the Utes want to claim the 5th spot and avoid UNLV which gives them a better chance. The Utes need to get confidence back and destroy this team, and then they get an early conference tourney warmup by playing UNLV in

(22-6) (22-7)


This game is a BIG one for both teams, and should be a great matchup. New Mexico does not have a chance to catch Vegas in the standings, but this win would bolster their at large chance RPI with a win. UNLV needs a win to try to catch BYU in the standings to try to win or share the regular season crown, because typically the MWC regular season champ gets invited to the Big Dance even if they do not win the conference tournament. This will be a good matchup, and I am glad it is on CSTV to be able to watch. I think New Mexico will win because they are so much better at home then UNLV is when on the road.