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Week 15 MWC Basketball Power Rankings

Selection Sunday is only 2 weeks away and it looks like the MWC has a chance for 3 teams this year.


Just a ho-hum week by defeating a solid San Diego State team by 10 and then crushed TCU. UNLV looks to lock down the two seed in the conference tournament unless there is a major collapse by BYU.

2. (23-6)

The Cougars survived the PIT in overtime by one to defeat New Mexico and now it seems like they will avoid UNLV until the finals, if both teams make it.

3. (22-7)

The Lobos had a chance to get a quality win at home, but did not quite have enough to dethrone BYU. Look out for UNM they are on a hot streak, and I feel for them to make it to the NCAA as an at large there are two scenarios I believe, and the first is if they beat UNLV (at home) and then CSU (no problem) then I feel one win might be enough in the conference tourney and that would give them a record of 25-8. The other is that they split 1-1 with the loss coming to UNLV and then they MUST win two games and make it to the conference finals.


The Aztecs have rebounded after a mini slump and have a chance to tie for 3rd in league play and that is huge because they would avoid UNLV in round 2 if they get that far. I am not sure how the tiebreakers work because SDSU and UNM have split the season series and could end up with the same conference record.

5. (14-13)

These guys have made it back up to be in a 3 way tie for 5th at this time. TCU has had a few good wins by beating Utah this week at home, but do not expect them to win a conference tournament game.


The Cowboys move here because they defeated Utah on Saturday, and they look to have locked down no worse then the 8th spot and possibly the 5th spot if things break right.


The Utes have fallen from potential tournament spoiler to below average team after losing back to back to TCU and Wyoming on the road.

8. (14-13)

The Falcons have been streaky, but they do have a chance to win their last 2 home games against SDSU and TCU. The team could jump up their seedings with these wins.

9. (6-22)

Zero conference wins, thats all there is to say.