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3/01/2008 MWC Basketball Preview

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(15-11) (11-16)

Auditorium Arena 2PM MT TV:

Utah pretty has removed themselves from any type of post season play, barring a few wins in the conference tourney. This game could be trouble for Utah, because they just lost on the road to TCU and while Wyoming is not as good as TCU but playing in Laramie is a very difficult place to play. If Utah were to lose this game that would not surprise anyone, but considering since Wyoming punked the Utes at the Huntsman Center. This is the time for Utah to show if they have improved over last year, because last season and continuing this year the Utes have not learned how to win close games. Wyoming is just looking to play for next year even though Brandon Ewing will be gone next year and should be in the NBA. This game is far more important for Utah and if the Utes want to have a chance at the NIT they need to win this game.

(14-12) (22-6)

Marriott Center 7PM MT TV: NONE

Again I have no idea why this game is not on TV. I understand the Mtn. has equality for broadcasts, but BYU or a team that is leading the conference should be on TV every week. On to the game, well BYU should easily win this game and extend their home winning streak closer to 50 games. Air Force does like to slow it down and keep the game on the low scoring side, but Air Force will not be able to keep pace for more then a half if that.

(6-21) (18-10)

Cox Arena 7PM PT TV:

Again this weeks games are against widely mismatched teams, and Colorado State is still trying to get their first conference and most likely it is not going to happen this game or this year. San Diego State has rebounded from their mini slump after defeating BYU and solidifying at least a 4 spot in the league tourney. The Aztecs should hope to be in the 4th spot, because they would avoid Vegas until the finals if both teams make it that far. This game should be different then last time when CSU almost pulled the upset when in Fort Collins. A trend I noticed about this weeks games seems to be a preview of the type of games to expect to see in the league tournament.