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MWC Players at the Combine

The Mountain West had a total of 13 players selected from the conference to attend the Cattle Call ... um the NFL Combine held at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis.

Bell, Beau OLB 6'2" 248 UNLV
Blake, Tommy DE 6'3" 274 TCU
Bonner, Brian SS 5'11" 195 TCU
Brown, Travis WR 6'2" 192 New Mexico
Clark, Devin OT 6'4" 313 New Mexico
Geathers, Jeremy DE 6'2" 248 UNLV
Kehl, Bryan OLB 6'3" 235 BYU
O'Connell, Kevin QB 6'6" 228 San Diego State
Ortiz, Chase DE 6'2" 244 TCU
Roach, David FS 6'1" 212 TCU
Robinson, Will OT 6'5" 286 San Diego State
Schmitt, Tyler LS 6'2" 234 San Diego State
Smith, Marcus WR 6'1" 214 New Mexico

The does a GOOD job of analysis and overview of each players career, so if you have time you can click on each players link and go through the great detail dedicated to each player. Each link also has their results from the combine as well as a Q & A pretty cool stuff.