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Week 14 MWC Basketball Power Rankings


The Rebels move up in part of BYU losing and that UNLV rebounded to defeat Wyoming after losing to BYU earlier.
2. (21-6)

Not really a shocker they lost, because SDSU is good on the road, but this team looks excellent at home. When tournament time comes BYU will most likely be one and done.


The Aztecs rebound nicely after a short skid where the team was 1-3 before defeating BYU. This win will bolster any at large possibilities for SDSU.

4. (22-6)

The hottest team in the league lies in the deserts of Albuquerque winners of 6 straight, and have a good possibility of winning 9 in a row before the conference tournament. The Lobos get BYU and UNLV at home then travel to Colorado State which should be a win. This could put the Lobos at 25-6 heading into the conference tournament and looking like a legit at large candidate if they do not win the conference tournament.

5. (15-10)

The Utes had an unacceptable finish by going for two when down by three, and Tyler Kepkay is not looking like the stud transfer he was touted to be. The Utes need to win at least one game in the conference tournament and win 3 of their last 4 to get a sniff at the NIT.

6. (14-12)

The Falcons look to be out of the 8/9 game and look to play spoiler rest of the way. They could jump Utah to get to the 5th seed with both teams having the same number of conference wins.

7. (13-12)

TCU is a near lock to stay out of the play in game, but they need to win one game to guarantee that. However their last 4 games are tough by playing Utah at home, then at UNLV, at Air Force, and finally BYU at home. The two games that look appealing is Utah and at Air Force.

8. (10-16)

The Pokes are going to play the Rams in the play in game for the league tournament. Wyoming has cooled off losing their last 3.

9. (6-20)

nothing to say.