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Football Coaching changes

There have been some coaching changes in the league over the past few weeks that I will update everyone on in here.

The first is for San Diego State who hired Mike Nelson to be the defensive line coach Nelson was a coach back in 1987 and 1988 for the Aztecs, and has been coaching at various levels from high school up to the CFL.

DeAndre Smith is coming from Northern Illinois to New Mexico where he held the previous position for 4 years. Smith has coached great running backs as Michael Turner who is currently on the San Diego Chargers, and also Garrett Wolfe who had a great college career and is now with the Chicago Bears.

Morgan Scalley has been a graduate assistant for the past two years. During his stay Scalley was an All-American as a defensive back, co-defensive player of the year for the MWC in 2004, as well as a return man during his stay. Scalley was one of the captains during the 2004 Fiesta Bowl run for Utah.