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Week 13 MWC Basketball Power Rankings

BYU got revenge by crushing UNLV at home this past Saturday to have a 2 game lead in conference play, and they extended their home winning streak to 47 games. The win does not mean all that much because the conference tournament is at UNLV in less then one month.

2. (15-8)
The Utes look to now be a challenger to the top teams in the league after defeating San Diego State on Saturday. This game was a celebration of Utah's 100 years of basketball, and the game itself was a good one with Utah having to come from behind to defeat the Aztecs.

3. (19-6)
UNLV was beat down at BYU on Saturday to now is closer to 3rd and 4th place then they are to second place. UNLV went 1-1 last week and need to step it up to avoid BYU until the final round.

4. (20-6)
New Mexico has played great hoops as of the last couple of games to increase their gaudy record to 20 wins, but to be critical their only notable win was win they defeated San Diego State on the road on 2/13. Their win total might be gaudy when the year ends but unless they can beat UNLV and BYU who they get at home that might be the only way they get into the tournament as an at large.

5. (16-9)
The Aztecs are falling and falling fast out of a favorable seed in the conference tournament. They have lost 3 straight and 5 of 7 to drop to 5th in the standings after their loss to Utah

Wyoming would be here if they could have beaten Air Force, but the Falcons are here because they won again at home. The conference seems to be seperating itself and the Falcons look to be in the 6th to 8th range come tourney time.

7. (10-14)
The Cowboys are in shape to get out of that play in game for the tournament, they just need to get a few more wins to surpase TCU.

These guys have fallen fast in the past couple of weeks with multiple losses, they did have that big win against San Diego State but that was short lived with 2 straight losses. TCU looks to get one more conference win when they play Colorado State at home in their next game. The synopsis on the TCU season could be read as: "Improved over last years team with some surprising wins, but overall the team faltered down the stretch"

9. (6-18)
These guys are just taking up space and have yet to win a conference game yet this year.