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2007 Football Year in Review: Wyoming

7th Place 5-7 (2-6)
The Cowboys were looking like the surprise team of the league this year by defeating a very good Virgina team on opening weekend 23-3 and starting off 4-1 and looking to be a top team in the league. All was looking good when Wyoming defeated TCU at home 24-21, but then the wheels fell off. Karsten Sweed who had a promising start in last season when we took over and then the first part of this season, but he ended up with only 12TD's and 17 INT's when the season end. The offense sputtered and the defense which was very good could not keep their momentum up the whole season. The most recognizable part to the season was when Coach Joe Glenn guaranteed a win over Utah at a luncheon and Coach Whittingham from Utah caught wind of these and crushed Wyoming 50-0. That was not the main point it was when Coach Glenn gave the middle finger salute and was caught on CSTV and this was after Utah having a commanding lead go for an onside kick in the second half. Looking back my original preview I had Wyoming going 8-4 and looked like a genius after the first 5 games, but then it down hill from their on my predictions.
Best win of the year: Not too tough to figure this one out, it but it was the 23-3 win over Virgina. The 3 points Virgina scored were the fewest all season and the best game played by Wyoming all year.
Worst game of the year: I am going to call it a tie with the 50-0 loss against Utah and then the loss to Colorado State in the Border War 36-28

Offense: The Cowboys offense was good during the non conference play, but then fell off dramatically after that. During the first 5 games the Cowboys averaged 25.4 points and then they averaged only 15.14 there after in the final 7 games. Their best offensive weapon was Junior Devan Moore who was the teams leading rusher with 965 yards and 6 total TD's. Karsten Sween was to be the man at QB but was turnover prone as was the rest of the offense and Sween lead the way with 17 picks on the year
Defense: This was the bright spot for Wyoming, they only allowed one team to have a player rush for over 100 yards and that was in a loss to BYU 35-10. The defense just could not keep their intensity up with the offense turning the ball over and having short droves. That lead for the defense to be worn down and could not keep their intensity up for the whole game.