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Week 12 MWC Basketball Power Rankings

There was a lot of movement near the top of the rankings this week.

1. (18-5) The Cougars have been on a roll lately winning 5 straight and just extended their home winning streak to 43 game after defeating TCU.


The Utes make a high jump but when they defeat UNLV and Air Force on the road for their third straight win. Then toss in that TCU beat San Diego State moves the Utes up to second for this week.

3. (18-5)

The loss to Utah drops down UNLV to number three this week, and that loss could cause the MWC to get only one bid unless there is an upset in the league tournament. Besides the Utah loss UNLV has been just as hot as BYU.

4. (16-7)

Now this is a shocker! TCU defeats San Diego State in Fort Worth. San Diego State was a team to challenge BYU and UNLV for the top teams in the league, but the TCU loss and the two loses to UNLV and BYU drops the Aztecs here.


New Mexico did get back onto to the win column, but they do not move up by defeating Colorado State and Wyoming. Wins are key for New Mexico if they want to try to fool the selection committee to be an at large team.

6. (12-10)

Excellent win for TCU by defeating a very athletic San Diego State at home. They do not move up much more then this because the Aztec win was their first in their last 5 games. This might be a momentum shift for the Horned Frogs to be able to get into perhaps a top 5 spot going into the league tourney.

7. (12-10)

Besides that UNLV surprise win back on 1/12 the Falcons do not have a win over a team with a better record. Their other conference wins have come against @Wyoming, @ TCU, and Colorado State at home. The Falcons are doing better then thought but that UNLV glitzy win has began to wear off.


This past game against New Mexico was a disaster by giving up 100 points and then getting beat by 45 points. The only reason they are not last is because Colorado State is much worse then the Cowboys.

9. (6-17)

What to say the Rams lost again to continue be winless in conference play after losing to New Mexico and UNLV. Their best chance for a win comes when Wyoming has to travel to Fort Collins.