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BYU Recruiting

There is a great site that covers BYU recruiting in depth. The site breaks down the current targets and gives a short analysis of each. Here is an abbreviated list of the recruits, and to see the entire list click here something I reccomend.

Down the Road: This seems to be the group that the future of BYU football is built around. I don’t want to call them projects because they are Division 1 caliber players, but their services likely won’t be needed next year, so expect to see most of them redshirt. This can be due to depth ahead of them, at a position that needs time to learn (Safety/QB/Running Back, etc.) or simply going on a mission.

Atem Bol (6′2″, 205 WR **) Hurst, TX - One of the more impressive young men coming to BYU. He played in a top division in Texas in a mostly running offense. Nearly half of his receptions were for touchdowns, so we know he is a scoring threat that could develop in a couple years. My guess is he won’t see the field until after a mission.

Solomone Kafu (6′4″, 315 DT **) Rio Linda, CA - Plans on playing a year before his mission, which may be mostly on the scout team. Wasn’t highly recruited because he missed most of his junior season with an injury. He is a big frame with a fast twitch and should be a solid addition to the important DT position. Note: If Russell Tialavea isn’t 100% back from injury, Kafu may be pressed into the rotation.

Dark Horses: The guys that there are rumblings about. I don’t know enough about them to say they will make an impact, but if the murmurs are true, they could make an impact.

Michael Alisa (6′2″, 210 LB/RB**) Provo, UT- The only player to start both ways on 5A Timpview at running back and outside linebacker. I have heard rumblings that BYU got a steal in Alisa and he could be a great OLB. My guess is that if he is as good as rumored he will fill a similar position as Austen Jorgensen in special teams and limited game reps.

Potential Contributors: Guys I think have a legit shot at making waves in the rotation at their positions. This doesn’t necessarily mean I think they are better than players above, just that they are more of a known commodity or that their position is more wide-open.

Daniel Sorensen (6′1″, 201 S ***) Colton, CA - Had a rough year as he was asked to do a lot to help out a younger team. He was one of the top safety prospects when he committed to BYU and is walking into a great situation with the top 3 safeties graduating. He is a nasty hitter and very fast. He will play a year before going on a mission.

Shiloah Te’o (5′11″, 190 S ***) Kahuku, HI - There have been mumblings for weeks that T’eo may not come to BYU, but every time Te’o talks to media he quashes them, so I feel confident he will be at BYU. Te’o is a great hitter from the same school that produced Aaron Fransisco. Like Sorensen, he has the potential to make an impact if he can get into the wide open race in the secondary.

Near-Locks: I would be surprised if these guys don’t work their way into the two-deep.

Austin Holt (6′5, 235 TE ****) South Jordan, UT - The highest ranked prospect (and the first to commit to BYU) is one solid guy. He didn’t get the ball thrown his way as much since Bingham relied heavily on the run, but a great blocker and crisp receiver and was named an All-American. BYU rotates up to 3 tight ends and with Vic So’oto moving to defense, the path has been cleared. Holt will likely play a year then serve a mission, so don’t be surprised to see him on the field.

O’Neill Chambers (6′3, 205 WR ***) Harmony, FL - A great steal from the SEC, Chambers has the potential to step in and make a difference on offense next season. With the graduation of Allen, BYU will need to find a #3 and #4 receiver and Chambers has the size/speed and game-breaking ability to fill up one of those spots.

Tevita Hola (6′1, 310 DT ****) Ephraim, UT - A JC transfer who is already enrolled at BYU, Hola has the inside lane on the two-deep for next season. 2006 starter Russell Tialavea, needs to come back from a nasty knee injury and 2007 starter Eathyn Manumaleuna will be on a mission. Hola could be a instant upgrade at a very important spot in the 3-4 defense.