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Week 11 MWC Basketball Power Rankings

Again there is some shake ups in the conference weekly rankings, and it seems that the top 3 teams are just playing musical chairs and they seem at this time to be the cream of the league. The way it looks with each team beating each other up there may only be one bid this year out of MWC. Not going into a tangent but the league needs to schedule a few more tougher non conference games and win to get on the committees radar. As always remember these rankings are based on the season to date and not on how they will finish.


In another crazy week the Rebels regain the top spot in this weeks rankings, by defeating Wyoming at home (ho hum), but their big win was the road win over San Diego State on Saturday. Currently the Rebels are in a first place with BYU but own the tie breaker since UNLV won the earlier matchup this year.

2. (14-6)

They won both home games this week, by defeating San Diego State and gave them their first conference loss. Then Saturday night they crushed New Mexico, and it looks like BYU is the team to beat in conference, when they play at home.

3. (14-6)

The Aztecs were 4-0 last in conference play but lost 2 straight to BYU and UNLV this week and are now in the muddled pack of 2 loss teams in the league.

4. (16-5)

New Mexico finds its spot back in the upper half of the league by defeating Utah in their first game, but then they were crushed by BYU at home. Looks like New Mexico is not quite there with the top tier teams in the league.

5. (11-7)

The Utes equaled their win total over last year by defeating a solid TCU team at home, but could not find a way to beat the Lobos at the Pit earlier in the week. The Utes are in a similar situation as TCU with not winning those extra games to get them over the hump.


The Horned Frogs drop this far, because of how they lost to the Utes. They shot 36% from the field and an even worse 4-15 from three point range because they were down early. The Horned Frogs are obviously not yet a team that can win on the road or a team that will contend as an upper team. TCU is a nice story and has the potential to finish in the top if they can win a few road games.

7. (11-7)

The Falcons had their expected dominate performance at home by defeating Colorado State by 16.

8. (7-11)

Got off the winless column by defeated the lowly Rams behind the play of Brandon Ewing. They might get a few more wins at home in conference when TCU and Air Force come to town.


The only team to not have a conferene win, and their only hope is when Wyoming comes to Fort Collins.