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2007 Football Year in Review: UNLV


I am starting to do my year in review for each team starting with the worst record up until the best record. These will be done through out the next two weeks just so that I am having more regular postings.


9th Place MWC 2-10 (1-7)

The Rebels had their 4th straight season with only 2 wins not what the administration thought would continue when they brought in the University of Utah offensive Mike Sanford in for the 2005 season. The The Rebels did seem to improve over last years team in that they had 4 games that were decided by less then 10 points in comparison to 3 games last year. For the most part of the season the Rebels where actually playing much more competitive then last year, because in the first half of their games UNLV 5 of the games they lost UNLV was either winning, tied, or within 7 points of the opponent. Even though the wins were not there UNLV is improving. Here is the link to my preview of how UNLV would do, I was pretty close predicting a 3 win season.

Best win of the Year: Defeating Utah 27-0 at home, Ute fans are still scratching their heads on that game. UNLV thought they had their fortune turn around but that win would be their last.

Worst loss of the Year: So many to choose from but I would have to go with the Colorado State loss where they were crushed by a team that had nothing to play for, oh and the final was 48-23 and the Rebels gave up 21 points in the 4th quarter to the Rams.


The QB position was suppose to be one of the more stable positions on the Rebels but QB Rocky Hinds was to be the starting QB but his partially torn ACL never recovered so he did not play a snap this year. So the carousel began with Redshirt Freshman Travis Dixon was named the QB and lead them to their opening day win over Utah State. As the season went on it became apparent, at least to me, that Dixon was not the best guy to run Mike Sanford's spread option because of his lack of ability or experience in running the ball himself. Then after his terrible performance against BYU where his line read 11/21 78 yards and 1 interception and that is when Omar Clayton started to share time at QB. Watching Clayton and reading his stat lines he seems to be more efficient at running the spread option with his running ability.

As for their running games they had Frank Summers who was a good back who had just over 900 yards and 4 games over 100 yards plus 4 receiving TD's and 250 yards. If UNLV would have been more competitive he could have had 1200 yards rushing on the year but they were in catchup for most of their games and was ineffective.

Most people know of Ryan Wolfe who was All-Freshman WR and KR but this year but did not have that many receiving TD's from who ever was at QB. They also had another good WR in Casey Flair who is a similar player to Wolfe. These guys made good plays and had good stats but with all the QB shuffling it was to get timing down with their QB.


Not much to say but they were terrible, with the only exception when they somehow shut out Utah. They gave up 28.5 points and well not very good. Their lone bright spot was linebacker Beau Bell who has declared for the draft as under class man so that is a huge hole to fill. Mike Sanford hired Dennis Therrell from Linebackers coach to be the new defensive coordinator to help improve their pourus defense.