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2007 College Football Blog Awards


Maybe I will win something, but the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards are now accepting nominations. Thanks to SSO who posted details for the voting, if anyone who likes this college football blog go ahead and vote for me (hint: best non-bcs blog) or any other College Football blog that you enjoy reading. Here are the categories:

Best Mainstream Media Blog-Best blog from a journalist or writer at a site like ESPN.
Dr. Z Award-Most interesting statistical analysis.
Trev Alberts Quits to do Construction Award-Funniest CFB blog.
Job Award-Blog that suffered through the worst season admirably.
Keith Jackson Circa 1995 Award-Most consistent, excellent writing.
Brady Quinn Award -Prettiest Blgo.
Best New Blog - Best blog created before year's national title game.
Best Community-Just what it says, best blog community.
Tyrone Prothro Award-Best individual post of the year.
Old Faithful Award-Best recurring feature of the year.
Jenn Sterger's Rack Award-Best photoshop or other gag.
Best Multimedia Thing-Best podcast, video, etc.
People's Champ-Voted on by bloggers as the best blog
ACC, Big 10, Big East, Big 12, Pac-10, SEC, non-BCS Blog-Vote for best blog from each conference.
Best National Blog-Vote for top blog that covers college football in general.
Mythical National Champion-Best overall blog.