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1/22/08 MWC Basketball Preview


The Pit 7MT TV:

This game is important for both teams to continue in the conference race, especially for the Utes are currently 1-2 and a loss would put them near Wyoming and Colorado State at the bottom of the league. The Utes have not played well with road games this year and are currently 2-4 and this game at the Pit is a tough place to play with the Lobos who have only one loss at home. For New Mexico to continue their home dominance they will need to attack the Ute defense and get easy shots because the Utes perimeter defense is good and Utah can cause opponents to rush shots and take bad shots. Also for New Mexico if they double and triple Luke Nevill to not allow him easy baskets. For Utah they need Luke Nevill to keep shooting his high percentage shots but get him more touches because Nevill is a good passer, but more importantly they need him to shoot more. The Utes have the defense but they need to play a complete win, and if the Utes win they will tie their season win total from last year. Look for the road to be the Utes Achilles heel this year against the better teams.

(6-10) (10-6)

Clune Arena 8PM MT TV:

The Rams are looking for their first conference and it is against a good Air Force team when they are at home. We all know Air Force is efficient and is good at home so this will be a tough one for the Rams to get their first conference win. The Rams will need to apply pressure and run to try to keep Air Force out of their comfort zone. An Air Force win will put them in a tie for second in the win column and keep pace with the rest of the league. The Rams need 17 point scorer Marcus Walker to keep the Rams in the game. However Air Force does not lose often at home so look for the Falcons to win by a good margin at home.