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Fox should broadcast regular season games

So why is this site dedicated to Mountain West sports writing about Fox. Well I love Charles Davis on the Fox BCS games but others such as Brian Baldinger who does NFL games and I love does not call the best college games, and Pat Summerall who does the Cotton Bowl do I need to say more he is getting too old to do this even though he was great with Madden. Fox needs to set up a college package of Saturday football games in stead of showing who knows what cartoon or old sitcom rerun on Saturday's.

This is where the MWC and perhaps another conference could join up and I am thinking Pac-10 since in reality their TV deal is not that great either. The only problem is that CSTV own the rights to all media outlets for the MWC. If there could be a way for Fox to broadcast regular season games this would show people during the regular season that Fox has football and not just show up for the big money games for ratings. This would improves Fox's coverage of football and get them more prepared for the BCS games. Now I do not know how feasible this is but if there is a way that Fox could pay the rights to CSTV for compensation and then some of that money would go to the conference. Another way for compesnation including cash is to run ads for CSTV and on Fox. To include the Pac-10 would be smart so that there are more high profile games and also the Pac-10 and MWC typically play a few games against each other per year.

While I know that The Mtn. and CSTV brought on the MWC to increase coverage for both networks, but Fox needs to broadcast college games and they could do one maybe two games on Saturday featuring Pac-10 and a MWC game. This would be good for a few reasons and one is to have Fox have better preparation for the BCS games and in regards to the MWC this is obvious because it would give fans to see MWC football games and by piggy backing with the Pac-10 would be a smart choice. I do not see this happening but it would be cool.