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Breaking Utah hoop news

Utah Sophomore Stephen Weigh is leaving the team to play pro ball in Australia. This was confirmed on 1280 am the Zone just minutes ago. First off this reaction is before there is any print publication online at the Utah Utes basketball site or from any print publication so these comments may not be 100% accurate. Weigh came to Utah last year as another heralded Australian super star and at times Weigh showed flashes of brilliance by going for 25 and 10 assists to scoring 4 points all on free throws, so to say the least Weigh was consistent. There had been rumors that he was home sick pretty bad, but to leave your team midseason to take on a pro contract is pretty low in my opinion. There is no word if his scholarship is lost or where it will go to for next season. We will see if this has an impact on the team. I will have more of an update once the Utah website has news or one of the local print publications comes out with something. Any reactions out there on this?

UPDATE: Here is an updated article from the Salt Lake Tribune