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01/16/2006 MWC Basketball Preview


Arena-Auditorium 6:30PM MT TV:

Air Force now gets the chance to prove their win over UNLV was not a fluke. Playing at Wyoming is tough but the altitude will not be a problem for the Falcons but the fans are tough for the Pokes. With Air Forces methodical play they have a small margin of error so if they shoot a good percentage then they have a good chance to win. That may seem like a duh! statement but if Air Force takes shots with 15 to 20 on the shot clock that gives more possessions to the other team and that is how Air Force is successful. Again Wyoming has Brandon Ewing who is amazing and this game should be one that he should take over, because the Academy has good players but they do not have the quickness of athletes to stop Ewing off of the dribble. Wyoming will win if Brandon Ewing takes control and demands the ball and attack the hoop. Air Force is too young and too inconsistent to win on the road so look for Wyoming to win at home.


Cox Arena 8PM PT TV:

The game of the night is where the upper tier teams of the league are trying to distingush themselves. So far both teams have been inconsistent at times, and that means that both teams are not great on the road. The Utes have lost road games to Gonzaga, Washington, and Oregon. This game does not look well for the Utes, with the exception that the Utes do have a solid defense that can slow down the Aztecs. This is also the team that lost to Northern Colorado but beat New Mexico. This should be an exciting game especially if Luke Nevill of Utah can show up and not fold and underperform which he has done quite a bit. The Aztecs do not shoot well as a team by shooting 45% from the field while the Utes shoot 50% and have a good defense. If the Utes can play good defense they should be able to pull this game out, but if San Diego gets on a roll then the Utes better be careful because once they are down they have a tough time coming back. Aztecs should win this home game in a close one.