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Week 9 MWC Basketball Rankings

1. (12-4) They go 1-1 after losing to Wake Forest but rebounded nicely to get their first conference game of the year over Colorado State. That loss to Wake ensures BYU is not getting a seed higher then 6 if they make it the NCAA's.
2. (12-4) In the game of the week SDSU takes out New Mexico on the road, but that loss to Northern Colorado stings.
3. (10-4) Their loan win came against non division one in state rival Dixie State, not much more to put here.
4. (14-3) Lost their home conference opener over San Diego State in a tough game, and New Mexico may not be as strong as their record shows.
5.(9-6) They play a great game and defeat UNLV at home and it looks like Air Force might have a say in the conference race, at least in home games.
6.(12-4) The Rebels lose an unexpected game to Air Force on the road. The Rebels had terrible offense shooting below 40% and bad defense in allowing Air Force to shoot near 65% for the game.
7. (9-6) TCU crushed Wyoming and looks to challenge Utah as the most improved team in the league this year.
8.(6-8) It's a shame Brandon Ewing is not on a better team then this.

9.(6-10) Not much to say here but they do not have enough scorers and their defense is spotty at best.