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Jamie Hill is the new Defensive Coordinator at BYU


Jamie Hill who has been the defensive coordinator since 2006 and helped a secondary perform very well. Especially this year when the secondary was marred by injuries and Hill has a great system in place to be able to put in the second and third string players who played just as well as the starters.

Coach Mendenhall will still be calling the plays on game day, but that is not a big deal in what Jamie Hill will be doing. Hill will be in charge of the defense and the game planning will still involve Coach Mendenhall but by promoting Hill this will free up Mendenhall to work on other aspects with the team.

"Coach Hill has made a tremendous impact on our defense in the time he has been here and this is a way for us to recognize him for his contributions," Mendenhall said. "This promotion gives Coach Hill the formal responsibility of handling the day-to-day duties of running the defense, allowing me to focus my attention on other aspects of the program."

Bronco Mendenhall on the promotion of Jamie Hill


New defensive coordinator Jamie Hill