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12/08/08 Basketball Preview


Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum 7PM ET TV:

This game is a must see and the ACC Select package is only $4.99 for the game, and no I do not get paid but its a reasonable price. This is the last game for the Cougars to make another splash nationally by beating a good 10-3 Wake Forest team. Wake's best win looks to be a road win against Iowa, but besides that they have loaded up on patsies or lost to good teams as in their loss to Vandy earlier in the year. Wake is a team that is terribly inefficient at 1.13 in Points Per Shot, they shoot 29.4% from 3 point range, 67.4% free throws, and 41.8% from the fields. One may ask how Wake got to 10 wins and that can be because they play goo defense by averaging close to 10 steals per game and 5 blocks, so Wake gets easy points. This is a very winnable game for BYU because if can play good defense and protect the ball then the game should not be close. If BYU plays like they did against their last road opponent Boise State then Wake has a good chance. A blowout would do a ton for the leauge in national respect and the RPI.


Moby Arena 7PM MT TV: none

Surprise! Surprise Colorado State is playing another division II opponent and this time it is Oklahoma Panhandle State University. This is just a game to get a win and confidence for the team, and this game does not count toward tournament eligibility, like it matters for the Rams this year. CSU should win this game comfortably, but they need to watch out and not let this team stay close.