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Week 7 Basketball Power Rankings

1.(10-3) The Rebels are 2-0 with back to back wins Friday and Saturday, it was just Nichols State and Kennesaw State but winning back to backs is tough and they now are ranked first this week.
2. #21 (10-3)The only game they play in the week is at Boise State and they lose by 3? This is odd because the WAC is down and the main reason they lost was because Trent Plaisted did not show up by only scoring 12 points. And that ranking next to BYU will disappear Monday.
3. (10-3) They defeated previously undefeated Sam Houston State, and before you say 'who cares' but Sam Houston State had the beaten Texas Tech, Fresno State, @ St Louis who is coached under former Utah coach Rick Majerus, so they had some good wins and the game was close so give SDSU credit for beating a good team.

4. (8-3) The Utes had a few struggles against Idaho State but they pulled the win out at home and ended up running away with the game and have their best start since the year the Utes made it to the sweet 16.

5. (12-2) New Mexico went 2-0 with one of the games a rare home and home with Hawai'i who New Mexico beat again this time on the islands. Their other win was a beat down over Weber State 62-32.

6. (8-4) This was a tough call because TCU went 1-1 and Air Force did not play, so I will not reward the Falcons to move up for not playing this week. TCU ended up defeating Jackson State but losing to Rice

7. (8-4) No games this week.

8. (5-6) No games this week.

9. (6-7) They defeated some random school Western States by 40 and they are not division one.