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Finding BYU's 2008 opening day opponent

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Here is as promised my prediction of who BYU will replace for their home opener in 2008. This list will not include any Football Championship Subdivision teams (I-AA) even thought that is a real possibility. The list is compiled by a very accurate website

Boston College
Brigham Young
Georgia Tech
Louisiana State
Louisiana Tech
Miami FL
North Texas
Northern Illinois
Southern Miss
Virginia Tech
Central Michigan
Eastern Michigan
Kent State
Louisiana-Monroe (3)
Western Michigan

The way I am breaking this down is first by who needs an opening weekend game and who is most likely to play on the road for a home game.

Has open date 8/28- 8/30

Indiana University (Big 10) Has 7 home games all ready so they would be willing to go on the road, and this is a very winnable game and since they are from the Big 10 teh Cougars would get a little more pub then beating a good Non-BCS league team.

Miami, FL (ACC) They have the open date, but this one is unlikely to be a home game for BYU because Miami is all ready slated to play 2 road games to start the season which would include @ Florida and then @ Texas A&M. This game could happen if BYU were to go on the road and have only 5 home games and 7 road games.

Oklahoma (Big XII) This one may have a better chance then the Miami FL to be a home game because Oklahoma has 5 home, 5 road, and the neutral game against Texas at the Cotton Bowl. This most likely would have to be a home game for the Sooners, but a slim chance to get OU to come to Provo.

Southern Miss (C-USA) This option looks good because Southern Miss have 5 road games and 6 home and this game should be near the top of the list to be BYU's home opener.

Troy (Sun Belt) Troy is known to play the big boys, the only setback might be that if Troy were to play at BYU this would make 8 road games.

Arkansas (SEC) This one has a decent chance because Arkansas needs 2 opponents and they have 5 home and 5 road games schedule. Also, Arkansas is one of the few teams that will travel outside of the south eastern United States.

Army (Independent) Army needs two games but as of now have only 4 home games, but there could be a chance to get Army to come to Provo, as long as their game is a home game then this could happen.

Central Michigan (MAC) Another team that needs 2 more games which would mean that if they were to open at BYU then they would have only 5 home games, so this might be a possibility.

Eastern Michigan (MAC) See Central Michigan, but I would rather see BYU play Central.

Rutgers (Big East) This could be an intriguing matchup because some Mountain West people feel that their conference is just as good as the Big East, and I am not one of those people. Rutgers has the open date and perhaps they could swing a home and home if the first game is at BYU this year.

Tulane (C-USA) This game could get done, but it would give Tulane 8 road games, but I would put this game below the Eastern Michigan game on the list of who BYU should play.

This leaves 11 teams that has the same opening weekend date similar with BYU, I am not going into switching dates or what other dates are open because some scheduled games have not been finalized. Here is the order that I think that BYU will fill their schedule with. It will be based on the criteria I mentioned above with what is most realistic. Of course BYU would love to play Oklahoma since they seem to be the best team but that may not be the most realistic.

1.Southern Miss

2. Central Michigan

3. Troy
4. Indiana University

5. Army

6. Eastern Michigan

7. Tulane


9. Arkansas

10. Oklahoma

11. Miami FL

All this is for nothing if BYU schedules a I-AA, but by playing Indiana, Army and some others is not all that big of a difference in ability.